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Drum Circles

A drum circle is a musical gathering of people in the community. A drum circle is a group of people who use drums and percussions to make music. Drumming is the simplest thing that groups of people can do to come together and unite in peace and harmony. It is a rhythm-based music event where improvisational music is created. Musical expression and creativity is encouraged.


 Drum circles promote a greater sense of unity, diversity, and community. This is why drum circles are an excellent activity for team-building events!

drum circle with welsh male voice choir, hong kong drum circles, backstage drum circles

The ease of Drumming!

The drum is a musical instrument with a very low entry barrier to play. Everyone can enjoy the power of group drumming!

Drumming for Everyone

Participation in a drum circle is not restricted by age, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic class and race. Previous experience and music background is not required for participation


All about Participation

The core of drum circles is improvisation, creativity, self-expression, and spontaneous music. Drum circles are suitable for everyone to participate in. It is not about perfection but all about participation!

B. Wong

“Was it fun? Absolutely! Not just for my child, but for adults too! You can tell just by looking at the photos!"

A. Francis

" inclusive, so joyful and so much fun!"

P. Stapleton

“People went home having had a great experience today. That's definitely what its all about”

Event Highlights

Begin your Rhythm Journey

Schedule a drum circle or a rhythm workshop for your school or workplace with Backstage Drum Circles. Contact us now to begin your musical journey.

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